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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm a fan of Seth Godin

And so are millions of other people so I'm certainly no trail blazer here.

His blog is fantastic and I've read just a few of his books and enjoyed them all. His subject matter is marketing, supposedly, but really it's about everything as far as I can tell.

Here's a quick excerpt from his latest book "Linchpin." It comes from a section called "What They Should Teach In School."

"Answering questions like "When was the War of 1812?" is a useless skill in an always-on Wikipedia world. It's far more useful to be able to answer the kind of question for which using Google won't help. Questions like, "What should I do next?""

The whole book is fairly quotable because Seth Godin writes it like a long string of related blog posts. But this one stuck out to me because it's talking about the skill we most need and have the least practice with as very privileged 20-somethings who have the whole world open to us.

Work or go to grad school? Get married or leave the country? Quit my job or get promoted? Buy a puppy, find a financial planner, or become a vegetarian? We can literally do whatever we decide.

What a beautiful, heavy, wonderful gift.

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