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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

If You're Waiting...


Because check out this interview with Mark Zuckerberg circa 2005 in San Francisco.

He's just some dude.  Some dude who says "like" a lot.  He's in charge of Facebook HQ where they do keg stands at the office.

No advanced degree.  No connections to heads of state or (at the time) ultra-deep pockets, either.  He's just a guy - one of us - with an idea and a fierce commitment to it.  And 6 years later he's changed how the world communicates.

Friends of mine from Haiti who don't have electricity in their homes have Facebook accounts that they check from the hospital breakroom where they work.

So if you are waiting for something before you get to work on your idea, don't.  Because we are it.  There's nobody else today that is in a better position to solve problems or do something beautiful and creative than us.  If you're wondering where the next great business idea, or medical advancement, or breakthrough technology, or artwork, or meaningful writing, or effective legislation, or compassionate community group is going to come from, it's you.  It's me.  And it doesn't have to be (often it shouldn't be) that we take a dangerous, dramatic leap to make something happen.  But we've all got some free time, a computer, talented people around us, and sufficient calories (delicious ones at that!) to start making incremental moves towards the ideas that make us come alive.

And as I read on Chris Guillebeau's excellent blog, it's time to take your ideas very seriously.  The world needs that.  I would love to see it.  And you, you already have (and are) everything you need to make it happen.  And more likely than not, you'll be more eloquent in discussing your work than, like, Zuck.